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Affordable Art Show 2019 @ Sprout Arts

30th April - 11th May 2019
Open every day 11am - 5pm

Private View Tuesday 30th April, 6-8pm. 

24 Artists exhibiting under one roof!

Andrea Robinson * Chris Lessware * Gemma Victoria * Harriet Fredman * Heather Graham *
Iain Selwyn-Reeves * Jacqueline Merry Bernard * Justine Storey * Ken McCalla * Louis Caro *
Lucinda Denning * Lynn Selwyn-Reeves * Madeline Meckiffe * Magdalena Del Mar *
Margaret Donaldson * Margo Random * Maria Storey * Marion Jones * Phillippa Egerton *
Simon Farnhell * Soraia Waterhouse * Sue Pearson * Susi Raymakers * Valerie Taylor

Affordable Art Show 2019 montage v3 sm

Andrea Robinson 

Andrea Robinson works with printmaking, text, installation, performance and poetry. She is a founder member of print collective The Friday Group, gallery artist at Water Street Gallery, Yorkshire, and a member of the Printmakers Council and Southbank Printmakers. She exhibits regularly at venues throughout the UK and internationally.

Her prints and artist books are held in private and public collections and archives, including Scarborough Museum, Tate Britain, the British Library, Chelsea College of Art, and the V&A.

No place like home I, II and III are part of a project called Postcards Home which includes photographs, an artist's book, miniature watercolours and this set of limited edition prints.

No place like home iNo place like home iiNo place like home iii

Instagram: @andrearobinsonartist

Twitter: @printsandjam

Facebook: AndreaRobinsonArtist


Chris Lessware

My painting is abstract; it contains no symbolism, no disguised representation, no consciously emotional content, no “reality through a prism”. It is solely concerned with the interaction of paint, charcoal, pastel with surface. In my view, there is no requirement to “say” anything in a picture that can be put into words – paint has its own language, in the same way that music has.

The question “What does this painting mean?” is therefore one that I regard as redundant. It means what it is in itself, as well, of course, as having (or lacking!) a meaning in a social-historical context.

This is not to say that I am hostile to representational painting; rather, I see no point to it other than that, that might be equally or better served by abstraction.

My pictures, then, are concerned with colour, structure, movement and stasis, texture. I am interested in contrasting textures, colours, structural factors: single central image or dispersed elements? Main image “contained” or going to edge, and by implication, continuing beyond? Blurring and concealment, as against sharpness of image; direction of mark/brush stroke; shiny or matt areas, when seen from front or oblique angle; effect of bleed of pigment; the cut of black around an image or part of one; the role of chance.

CL head of john the baptistCL ochre bolt hole sproutCL slice



Gemma Victoria

Born in London and having lived in Wandsworth all of my life, I have always gained great pleasure, intrigue and solace from the natural world.

I believe that the gifts of nature can just as readily be accessed in London as in the countryside and that to access those wonders around you, you simply have to approach your environment as you would a radio and choose what frequency you tune into.

I work in a wide range of media, but have created a series of three Indian ink pen works in this exhibition, inspired by birds in the local area. They come from a recent body of work exploring predominantly native birds and wildlife. I have always had an interest in natural history, and although not exclusively a wildlife artist, I have pursued the subject of birds in greater depth in recent years.

I have loved drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. I enjoy the mental stimulation just as much as the catharsis that making artwork brings.

Gemma Victoria 1Gemma Victoria 2Gemma Victoria 3


Instagram: gemskivictoria

Twitter: @gemskivictoria

Harriet Fredman

I studied sculpture at Wimbledon and Bath Colleges of Art. Since graduating I have also learnt silversmithing and stained glass at South Thames College, and at the moment am studying portrait painting from life with the Dulwich Art Group.

I work in many different mediums, making sculpture, jewellery, prints and cut-outs.
My current work is concerned with the fragility of existence. The Bee and Galapagos Penguin spray prints follow on from my ‘7 Wonders of the World’ cut-outs, a collection of some of the world’s endangered species. The plight of the bees has been much in the news recently, highlighting the very serious risk to them and the potentially catastrophic consequences for the natural world and mankind if we do not act now to save them.

HF 1HF 2

Heather Graham

I originally trained as a printed textile designer and more recently
completed an MA in Fine Art which renewed an interest for me in all kinds
of print making.
The natural world is a primary source of inspiration for me, but I live in
an urban environment and I'm always looking at imagery within the world
around me, hence "Street Party".
Etching demands patience, a series of processes and technical skill, but I
also like the immediacy and simplicity of screen printing images and
experimental work with colour. Consequently I usually run short editions of

HG 1HG 2HG 3


Instagram: heathergaham7890

Iain Selwyn-Reeves

Iain has lived in Furzedown for almost 20 years and is a full-time interiors photographer by day.

Iain has developed a distinct range of photographic artwork over the past 8 years. Each piece starts with an original high-resolution photograph of a location, which is then digitally edited to create the final artwork.

Iain’s recent work includes areas of South London. Tooting has of course been of particular interest and features in several prints. This exhibition features his new Brighton prints too.

Iain also enjoys the more traditional approach to photography, which can be seen in his landscape images.

ISR Brighton PavillionISR Brighton Pier SunsetISR Tooting Bec Lido

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Facebook: FurzedownArtStudio
Twitter: FurzedownArt
Instagram: FurzedownArtStudio_photography


Jacqueline Merry Bernard

Jacqueline Merry Bernard studied painting and sculpture before becoming interested in textiles and especially felt making in the1980’s. She works and has exhibited both in London and France.


Justine Storey

Born and brought up in Yorkshire.
I couldn't wait to leave school and head down to London where I studied fine art at Chelsea Art School and achieved a BA Honours in the theory and practice of fine art.
London was now my home and have run an Art studio in South London since 1999.
I regularly exhibit in London and have recently sold pieces at Urban Art in Brixton.

I use many different mediums, such as acrylics, and house hold paints. I like to work on large canvases and create vivid, abstract pieces, that are mainly created in an impromptu manner. This is usually done without any preparation as the colours will build as the painting progresses.
I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style.
As well as individual pieces a lot of my work can be put together and similar to a jigsaw puzzle used to create a more dynamic and impressive effect.

Justine Storey 1Justine Storey 2justine Storey 3

Ken McCalla

Since completing a Fine Arts B.A degree in 1984 at Central School of Art & Design I’ve looked to improve my skill in visual communication, to open and excite an audience in ideas based on energies uniting.
Drawing on my rich cultural heritage, my art work explores personal growth & celebrates harmony.
Here I present original limited edition lino-prints which are inspired by my researching on the concept of ‘Sankofa’ (Learning from the past, values needed for the future)

KenMcCalla african masks limited ed linoKen McCalla african dolls colour lino

Louis Caro

Louis Caro is an Artist currently based in London. He studied on the Foundation Year at the Royal Drawing School and graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2018. His work explores themes of ambiguity, perception, interconnectedness and spirituality, drawing from a wide range of eclectic influences.

LC image1 3LC image2LC image3

Lucinda Denning

Lucinda lives and paints in Furzedown. She has exhibited for many years and her work is in private collections worldwide. Some of her work is hanging in St Georges hospital (originally Commissioned by the Bolingbroke Hospital). She has a garden studio ( open this October for Wandsworth Artists Open House). She runs Art Classes for Adults and Children based in the Furzedown Project ,where she also volunteers at the Friday Morning Art Group. On BBCTV , her paintings feature in the CBBC series The Secret Life Of Boys enhancing the walls of the farmhouse where the family lives.

LD image1LD image 2


Facebook: LucindaDenningx

Twitter: LucindaDenning

Instagram: denninglucinda

Lynn Selwyn-Reeves

Having studied Visual Communication before following a career Home Furnishings Buying & Design, Lynn is now is a full-time photographer and illustrator living and working in Furzedown.

Lynn loves digital photography, especially the editing process as a medium for abstracting everyday objects or locations to give a new perspective.

As a Lifestyle photographer, Lynn loves capturing personalities in action or through headshots to create more than a 2D image through the lens. Photographing children and families, celebrating milestones and knowing magical memories will be recorded and treasured forever, is what makes this the best job ever!

Lynn also creates bespoke drawings - hand drawn and painted illustrations inspired by nature and pen & ink house portraits. Creating original artwork for children’s rooms, is a particular favourite. Some illustrations then become the starting point for her nursery print range.


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Facebook: FurzedownArtStudio

Twitter: FurzedownArt
Instagram: FurzedownArtStudio_photography

Madeline Meckiffe spent many years working in graphic design illustrating book covers for adults and children; five years ago she decided to further her creative talents by taking up screen printing - now she's running her own print studio. Through this medium she has designed and made numerous products from cards and prints to lampshades and accessories, all screen printed by hand. Madeline still takes inspiration from the literary tales she encountered in her life in publishing; her unique style blends illustration and graphics to create beautiful products bringing charm and playfulness to the home.

LionWalrusLion yellow

Facebook: Madeline Meckiffe

Twitter: MrsTangent

Instagram: madeline_meckiffe

Magdalena Del Mar

Magdalena del Mar is an artist based in south west London. She gain her education and first art experience in Poland where she was born. Since past 13 years she have been living in the UK and exhibit regularly in London. Her main source of inspiration is water based scenery. Her endless combinations of different hues of blue and green colour makes her art relaxing and therapeutic.


Margaret Donaldson

Margaret Donaldson 1Margaret Donaldson 2Margaret Donaldson 3

Margo Random

Margo has come to art following a career as a musician, songwriter and actress. Studying mainly at Putney School of Art, for the past nine years she has been passionate about making art and oil painting in particular. Margo has shown her work at Putney School of Art, winning the Oil Painting Prize at the 2016 summer show for ‘Orange Woman’. Margo has had solo exhibitions at Sprout Art Gallery, Urban Art Fair and Wandsworth Artists Open House and has shown her work at Jonaquest Art in Greenwich and Riverside Building in Hammersmith. Five of her ‘Tooting Bec’ paintings were acquired by London Transport Museum as a series of limited edition prints. Margo’s work encompasses landscape, still life and portraits with an abstract sensibility and love of colour derived from her travels, her London home and her origins in New York. ‘I love to paint with an element of surprise; an unusual composition, colour palette, subject or degree of abstraction.’

Springtime in Tooting Common v2Temperate House 4Tropical Leaves

Maria Storey

MS beetleMS ButterflyJPGMS Hare

Marion Jones

Marion makes abstract geometric paintings that emphasise edges, lines and planes. They often contain transparent and opaque layers, solid and floating forms, matt and shiny surfaces and colour. She has exhibited in a wide range of different galleries and has paintings in a number of private collections.

Blue In GreenSmall Green Zone PaintingWhite Wash

Twitter: marionelmajones

Phillippa Egerton

Phillippa spent her childhood in East Africa; then a History Degree at Oxford before doing Mural Design at Chelsea School of Art as a mature student, followed by an M.A in printmaking from Wimbledon School of Art. She paints and does political Cake Heads - an image of her Nigel Farage appeared on Have I more News for You - as well as the printmaking for which she has won awards including a gold medal from the Printmakers Council. She belonged to Bow Arts in the east end for manyyears, being an initial member when it was an artist run group. She shows regularly mainly in London. The pieces in this show are inspired by holiday memories and places.


Simon Farnhell

My work is almost exclusively photographic, with other artworks and textures added into the final mix that leads to the finished pictures.
I use photographs as they give a certain realistic base to my pictures. All these collected images go into Photoshop, an image manipulation program for computers for those who have not come across it before, where I combine and manipulate them before printing them out as limited edition Giclée prints on archival watercolour paper.
These particular pieces are inspired by the coast at St Annes in Lancashire where my mother lived.


Soraia Waterhouse

SW BarkSW LeafSW Plastic Island

Sue Pearson

Sue Pearson is a graphic designer and artist living in Furzedown. She was born and brought up in Wales and studied graphic design and illustration in Southampton before moving to London to work in design and advertising, specialising in charity fundraising. She is also currently supporting Furzedown FACE’s local charity fundraising events and Sprout-Out ArtLoan initiative.
As well as doing illustrations and cartoons Sue is a life-drawing enthusiast and enjoys sessions in local pubs like The Selkirk on Tuesdays with @love2sketch.

Twitter: @furzedowner

Instagram: @furzedownsue

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Furzedown FoxyGolden GirlIn the pink

Susi Raymakers

With a love of pattern, letters and heritage, Susi Raymakers uses a combination of hand drawing and Photoshop to create highly detailed screen prints in small editions.

Susi graduated from Camberwell College of Art with First Class Honours in Art & Design, and has worked in the creative industry for over 25 years. Early projects ranged from assisting in film art departments, to marketing antique centres, to working on magazine publications at BBC Worldwide. She presently works as a freelance Graphic Designer.

Currently attending Putney School of Art, Susi regularly exhibits across London as part of The Friday Group. Earlier this year her work was selected for the V&A Inspired By exhibition.

idleidollois pinktwinkletoes

Instagram: susi_raymakers

Twitter: @SusiRaymakers

Valerie Taylor 

Valerie trained over the years via adult education centres such as Folkestone Arts Centre, St Ives School of Painting, Morley College, and South Thames College. Learning continues throughout all one's life and the more one does the more one realises how little one knows.

Landscape is the the main source of inspiration for Valerie (even when painting from Life models) who is happiest working outside, thus watercolour is a favourite medium. What is better than sitting on a hillside in the sun (not too hot) with a pleasant breeze (not too strong) with a bottle of waster and a packed lunch?

VT image 1VT image 3VT 2

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Observation and Imagination

Etching, Painting Photography and Drawing 

by Peter Solari

Monday 15th - Saturday 27th April 2019

11am – 5.30pm

Private View Saturday 20th April, 6.30 - 8.40pm

I would like the works to evoke my love of the British landscape and in some way captures the power and beauty of our surroundings. Landscape dominates this exhibition (although not entirely) and is represented through more literal representations and by surrealist influenced work. Both styles represent the conscious and subconscious response to the world around me. Some are local, others from around the country (Skye, Somerset, The lakes, etc). I hope that you enjoy it.

PS Its ComplicatedPS The Past Becomes the Future


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


by E. Jane Campion

Tuesday 2nd - Saturday 13th April 2019

11am – 5pm

Private View Wednesday 3rd April, 6 - 8pm


Taking Risks with Light - Free Talk by award-winning Scottish watercolourist Alan Hepburn.  Saturday 6th April, 5pm. Please click here for more information


Workshop with Jane Campion - Saturday 13th April, 1 - 3pm. Please click here more information

JC image1

Jane Campion invites you to view her 2019 work. she will be painting in the gallery throughout this solo exhibition.

Jane Campion has been painting for three years. Sprout Arts has been central to supporting her vision and her confidence. She sold first at Sprout’s New Faces Exhibition 2017 and a subsequent members’ show. The current exhibition – Unframed - has been in the making only since January 2019, so represents a snapshot of her development as a painter.

Before painting, Jane’s passion for art was restricted to collecting, mainly the work of Alan Hepburn, watercolourist and prize winner in the Singer & Friedlander Awards. He will give a fascinating talk during the show about taking risks with light. Some of Alan’s work will hang in the show as inspiration demonstrating the way apprentice painters copy master works; in this case, Jane has worked from Alan’s paintings.

Jane will be painting full-time in the gallery throughout the two weeks of the show, encouraging passers by and visitors to the gallery to sit for her in three-hour sessions (with coffee breaks). These works will be added to the show.

Jane has been an assiduous student, so at her own workshop, you can expect a surprising take as well as invaluable tips for beginners to improve their painting. (In this she credits all the excellent teachers she has worked with at The Royal Drawing School; Heatherley’s School of Fine Art; Dulwich Art Group and School, and; The Art Academy in Borough.)

Contact Jane by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Insta @ejanecampion

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Beginner's Mind - A Way to See and Paint 

Workshop with Jane Campion

Saturday 13th April, 1 - 3pm

Jane Campion image workshop


Jane has been an assiduous art student for three years and in this workshop, you can expect a surprising take on making art, as well as invaluable practical tips for beginners. In all this she credits all the excellent teachers she has worked with at The Royal Drawing School; Heatherley’s School of Fine Art; Dulwich Art Group and School, and; The Art Academy in Borough. She also draws on her interest in the way people find purpose, honed during years as a business coach informed by neuroscience.

This will be a hands-on oil painting workshop and materials will be provided (at a small fee to cover costs), but you are welcome to bring whatever medium you wish.

Numbers will be strictly limited and please be aware that oil painting can get messy.

You will need to be a Member of Sprout Community Arts. This costs £10 and can be purchased on the day.

Please use the link below to book a place for the workshop

Taking Risks with Light

A talk by watercolourist - Alan Hepburn

Saturday 6th April, 5-6pm

Alan hepburn talk

A must-visit for watercolour painters and collectors wishing to grasp tjhe power of light and the risk-taking demonstrated by artists such as Arthur Melville and Alan Hepburn.
Alan Hepburn, a supremely talented and visionary artist, skilfully recreates the ambiance and aura of the places he has visited, mystically transporting the viewer. He will take questions after sharing from his rich technical expertise and from his experience as a pleiin air painter of many decades' experience. Come early as numbers are limited and the doors will close at 5pm to avoid interruptions.
Membership of Sprout Arts is required for entry and can be purchased on the day for £10. This entitles the Member to a calendar year of free Private Views, similar talks and events such as art workshops, including that by Jane Campion the following week. Jane is showing in the gallery and has invited Alan to share why she, at least, is such a fan of Alan's work.

Please use the link below to book a place for the workshop




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