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Sprout Christmas Market

8th to Saturday 22nd December 2017

We began planning the Sprout Christmas Market months ago and we are pleased to say we’ve got another great line up this year!

Joining us again, we have gorgeous jewellery from Copperbird, LouLou Workshop, Simple Silver, LZ and JH, Home accessories and candles from House of Curiosities, Ceramics from Sarah Grove, Christmas Decorations from Furzedown Felt, LZ & SG, Stationery, Calendars, Cards & prints, scrabble and mini figure gifts from Furzedown Art Studio, Lucinda Denning, Caragh Buxton & Maria Storey, sparkly accessories by Sandra Clarke, personalised gifts Pleasant Presents, George’s wonderful decoupage, delicious Christmas Puddings, Preserves and Jams by Fruition and Single Variety!

This year we are also delighted to be able to offer wonderful Chocolates by Eloise, beautiful soft sewn accessories from Sew Furzedown, local Streatham honey and beautiful Shaker boxes handcrafted by Rawlston and more!

We are are fully booked on most categories but have limited availability for a few others so if you are interested in joining us and make or design one of the following or something else we don’t already have covered, please email us asap!

* Jewellery - we are looking for one more contemporary jeweller / maker. Ideally larger scale pieces to complete our Christmas offer.

* Food - Gift packaged food items e.g. Christmas biscuits or smaller Christmas cakes (not Christmas puddings or chocolate as we have those from Fruition and Eloise)

* Fashion Accessories - scarves, hats, gloves… * Candles - we would lover a mid price candlemaker.

* Soaps - Hand-made soaps suitable for gifts. * Cosmetics - hand-made only.

* Ceramics / glass - interesting decorative glass * Cordials / non-alcoholic drinks

* Vegan products -if you are a vegan ‘maker', we would be keen to see what you you do.

If you make any consumable items e.g. food & drinks, please ensure you have the relevant insurance and permissions in place. We will need a copy of docs. Soaps / Candles - as above, please confirm you have relevant compliances. As always, we are looking for mostly hand-made items rather than mass-produced imported please.

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Coming soon in 2017 to Sprout Arts!

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8th to 22nd December Sprout Christmas Market


We're already puting together the 2018 programme...more information soon!