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Susan Venner- Counting Sheep
6th to 17th March 2018
Open 11am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday
Private View Monday TBC


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Inspired by the colours, textures and forms of flowers and plants grown in my garden this exhibitions charts my progress and botanical journey through the last few years.

For me painting is a form of meditation. It requires you to focus completely on the task in hand, no room or need for any other thought, in fact no thoughts at all just observation and looking. Much of the work I have produced has taken place in the middle of the night or very, very early in the morning as I suffer from insomnia.


BIO. - Susan Venner is a practicing architect living and working in Balham. Throughout her career of more than 30 years she has specialized in low energy and sustainable buildings working mainly on domestic buildings for both private and public clients, several of which have won awards. Susan’s work however is not restricted to housing but also includes schools, factories and several fire stations.

Susan is also a keen gardener and has opened her own garden under the national Gardens Scheme (the yellow book) for charity for a number of years.

Susan started painting a couple of years ago in an attempt to capture the exuberance, colour and joy of plants and flowers in her garden

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Coming soon in 2018 to Sprout Arts!


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