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Lorraine Fossi - Artist in Residence

7th January - 26th January 2019

Monday to Friday, 11am – 5pm (Saturday by appointment only)

Private View Thursday 24th January (time TBC) 

Artist Talk : What is an Artist Residency and What's in it for Artists? Thursday 17th 6.30 - 9.30

More information - so please take a look; and here is an excerpt from her artists statement:

"My work investigates aspects of time and distance –measurement and perspective – and maps out journeys and migration. In my work the ‘surface’ is a ‘territory’ and refers in colour and texture to the world’s materiality: it is often grey like the pavement of cities, and covered with scuffs, marks and imprints. I paint with acrylic and oil paints- scribbles and measuring lines visible on the surface. I choose my materials, according to the diagram, from a wide range of materials culled from everyday life and sometimes include ‘found objects’. It allows new connections between elements that I thought would not meet and creates new points of entry to encounter the world."

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