Vales of Memory and Imagination (and other work)

by Graeme Armstrong

Tuesday 17th - 28th April 2018

opening Times 11am – 6pm daily (closed Monday 23 April)

Private View Thursday 19 April, 6 - 8.30pm 


We are our own construct. We create our own narrative through our memory and imagination. We are the sum of our experiences – but our view of these can be faulty. How much do we misremember and imagine? How does memory compare to imagination – and is remembering an act of creation in itself?

Where does our memory of long-unseen photographs and artefacts fit – is it a further level of removal from actual events? What do we really remember – the photograph or what was happening when it was taken?

Working from photographs, letters and audio recordings from the mid-1980s, Graeme Armstrong has created a series of imagined topographical scenes to represent that period of his life.


Greyswood Collage


Greyswood Art + Design was set up by Julia and Graeme Armstrong in 2016. It is a vehicle for Graeme’s creativity which had remained dormant for most of the previous 30 years! This was reawakened by studying graphic design at ual: Chelsea and he is now a fulltime artist. His work combines a graphic style with photographic source material to produce digital art prints. Graeme’s art examines many themes. It looks at our place in nature, and the beauty and inevitability of decay – with his more recent work exploring ideas of memory and identity, themes which are dominant in the new collection.


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