Pass on a Poem - Furzedown
Friday bi-monthly, 
7-9pm at Sprout Arts

Upcoming dates for 2019

Friday 5th July

Friday 6th September

Do you have a favourite poem? 


Pass on a Poem will be at Sprout Arts in Moyser Road bi-monthly on Friday 7-9pm.
As always, please choose a poem (not self-written) to read. If there is time, after an interval we'll read any further poems that people have brought, so bring a spare. Please let us know the title and author of your first poem a couple of days ahead so we can draw up an initial running order.

If you haven't come to a meeting but are thinking about it, there are usually about a dozen attendees and poems can be drawn from anywhere in the 500-odd years of English language poetry. We often discuss the readings, and the evening is always interesting and stimulating.

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“We don’t read poems because, like bran flakes, they’re good for us; we read them because we love them – and if you haven’t found a poem you really love, keep looking and I am sure you will.” Erica Wagner